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Welcome to MyVegasObsession.com!  This is where I write about my Las Vegas experiences so that you can better plan your own Vegas adventure!


Hi.  I'm Michael B and I love Las Vegas!  I mean I really LOVE Las Vegas!!!  You might even say I'm obsessed!

Las Vegas. Vegas, Baby! Sin City. Glitter Gulch. My friend Maureen and I like to call it “Veg-AH!” Call it what you will, Las Vegas is my escape. Some people run away to the beach, some to the woods, others to the mountains. I run away to Las Vegas!

As with most obsessions, my love of Vegas began slowly and rather innocently. I had been there once in the late 70’s with my family. I had been there with a former partner in 1995, and I went there in 2002 with my current partner. But then something amazing happened. In 2004, Elton John opened The Red Piano, his fantastic Las Vegas spectacle, at The Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace. When I saw that show, I knew I needed to see it again and again. I did, returning to Las Vegas more than ten times over the next few years, mostly to see Elton.

Along the way, I began to discover many of the things this town has to offer. I started to see many of the Cirque du Soleil shows and headline acts. I began to experiment with different restaurants. I started going to the various hotel spas during the day. Most importantly, I began staying at different hotels - always wanting to try something new. I began to feel more and more comfortable in town, learning my way around and meeting some of the locals. Essentially, I began to love Las Vegas.

 These days, I get to Vegas about 8 times a year.

 But why create a website? Why is there a MyVegasObsession.com?

 About eight or nine years ago, I was working at my former job as a lighting and sound designer at a nightclub in New York City. I was sitting in the front of the club, waiting for the show to begin, when a performer I know came in with her husband. She asked me if I was going to be working one of the shows the next week and I told her no, that I’d be going to Las Vegas again.

You’re going to Las Vegas AGAIN?!?” she asked. When I told her that yes, I was, she said “My husband and I have always wanted to go, but we wouldn’t know the first thing to do once we got there.”

 That’s when the lightbulb went on over my head!

 I thought to myself, I could become some sort of Vegas travel advisor. I wasn’t sure how I’d do it. Would I work over the phone, simply using my own circle of friends? Would I travel with my clients and literally be their guide? Or would I do it online? The idea rattled around in my head for a while. In the meantime, I kept returning to Vegas over and over again. I began to realize I was amassing a huge collection of experiences that I could share with future Vegas travelers. I started envisioning a blog.

 My friend Will, who is much more computer savvy than I, suggested that I probably had too much information for a blog. People would have to slog through my blogs just to find one pertinent piece of information. So he suggested a website, complete with drop menus, photographs, video and of course, my own personal experiences.

 So...here we are. In the written pieces you’ll find here, I’ll be detailing my adventures in Las Vegas. They’ll be personal accounts of the hotels in which I’ve stayed, the fantastic restaurants in which I’ve eaten, the incredible shows that can only be found in Las Vegas, the spas, the nightlife and more. I want to appeal to a wide variety of travelers - Whether you can afford the most luxurious accommodations or if you have a more modest budget, I hope you’ll find something here to suit your tastes and your wallet!

 I should point out that I’ve paid for these trips out of my own pocket. None of these hotel stays, meals or shows have been complimentary, so I’m hoping to write very fair and balanced pieces. I also don’t think of these pieces as reviews, really. I’m not a professional critic. These are simply my own experiences - most of them good, a few of them not so good. I’m hoping that you might use MyVegasObsession.com as your own travel resource. I want you to see the town through my eyes and perhaps get some idea of what you’d like to do when visiting this amazing city.

 I hope you enjoy and get the most out of MyVegasObsession.com!