IMG 6763Deep inside the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace, in a rotunda near the Cheesecake Factory, you’ll find a large fountain and aquarium.  The fountain is lit with beautiful, multi-colored lights and is a lovely place to sit and people watch during a busy day of shopping.  But every hour on the hour, starting at 10 am, shoppers and sightseers alike are treated to a free spectacle - The Fall Of Atlantis!

At the top of the hour, the lights in the rotunda dim and majestic music is heard.  A deep, resonant voice sets the scene in the mythical city of Atlantis, where the King is trying to decide which of his two children is better suited to rule the city when he is gone.   

IMG 6768The waters of the fountain recede, and three animatronic figures rise from below: King Atlas is center, on the highest level of the fountain.  Alia, his daughter, is on a pillar to the left and Gadrius, his son, is on a second pillar at the right.  They plead their case to their father, each claiming that their unique power qualifies them to be the sole ruler of Atlantis.  Alia has control over water - she waves her staff and the fountains rise and dance at her command.  Gadrius controls the element of fire and proves his case by hoisting aloft his huge broadsword.  The sword bursts into flames and more fire shoots up from the fountain bed.  A classic sibling rivalry, they refuse to share power and fight bitterly back and forth.  The gods are displeased with Atlas and his children.  They destroy Atlantis by making the sea rise and engulf the city.  Around the stage, at the top of the rotunda, screens with faux frescoes open and we see projections of the waves raging around the city.  A giant, winged creature appears behind Atlas and the entire set sinks “into the ocean”.

I’ve seen this fountain show any number of times and it’s a silly, entertaining way to spend ten minutes of your time, particularly if you have kids along.  The animatronics are rather lame - the human figures are rubbery looking and not very well articulated by today’s standards.  But the water, smoke and fire effects are fun and the finale with the huge dragon appearing behind Atlas’ throne is pretty thrilling.IMG 6783

As with any of Vegas’ free shows, the viewing area tends to fill up rather quickly, so my recommendation is to arrive about 10 minutes early so you can grab a good spot.

After the show, I recommend checking out the large 50,000 gallon aquarium behind the Atlantis fountain.  You’ll see over 300 different fish, including a good number of stingrays, which are mesmerizing to watch.  At 1:15 pm and 5:15 pm, you can watch divers in full scuba gear feeding the fish.  There is also a free guided behind-the-scenes tour of the fountain show and aquarium Monday through Friday at 3:15 pm.

Show Schedule: Every hour on the hour
                           Sunday - Thursday from 10 am - 11 pm
                           Friday and Saturday from 10 am - Midnight

A little side note: In a second rotunda, closer to the street entrance to the Forum Shops, there’s another fountain with animatronic “statues”.  This was the home of a second show - The Festival Fountain Show.  In it, the statue of Bacchus came to life and spoke with his fellow gods - Apollo, Venus, and Pluto.  They discussed the riches to be found in the shops, then sent you out to buy, buy, buy!  The show involved lasers, dancing fountains and a rig which rotated the statues to various different positions. 

To the best of my knowledge, this show has been discontinued, although the fountain itself remains.