There is more to Vegas than the Strip!  Just a few miles North, there’s an entirely different Vegas.  One with a different vibe - looser, somewhat wilder and much more casual.  Downtown Las Vegas, or DTLV, is home to world-famous Fremont Street, some of the oldest and most well known casinos in the city, incredible restaurants, night spots, and other attractions.  It’s also home to the fabulous Downtown Grand Hotel and Casino!

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Pets.  Our Fur Babies.  Our four-legged “children.”  We love our pets.  We dress them up, throw them birthday parties, take them for play dates, and spend small fortunes for their food, toys, and healthcare.  These days, more and more frequently, we travel with them as well, but finding pet friendly hotels can be difficult.  Some years ago, before I became a Vegas fixture, my then-partner and I embarked on a massive trip, driving across country with our dog Shirley Basset.  This required careful planning to ensure that our lodgings would accommodate all of us.  Finding a hotel in Las Vegas was a bit of a challenge.  Only a few properties on the Strip accepted pets, and most had a weight limit - no more than 20 pounds or so.  

Back then, we had to do some serious research to find a place to stay, but today, many Vegas mega-resorts will indeed accept both you and your four-legged friends.

Here are a few of the pet friendly Vegas hotels, beginning with the one we found all those years ago....

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Directly across Las Vegas Boulevard from the enormous Caesar’s Palace property, you’ll find a new, very modern resort and casino that has actually been there for years.  Welcome to The Linq!  

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IMG 9794Two golden giants rise up out of the Nevada desert at the southern end of the Las Vegas Strip.  Winding driveways take you past lush greenery with waterfalls and Southeast Asian-style temples complete with carved elephants.  As you walk through the main entrance, slowly turning paddle fans set the mood.  The scent of coconut spice welcomes you.  The expansive marble lobby, with it’s warm lighting and huge tropical aquarium makes you feel like this is a place you can stretch out and get comfortable.  

This is Mandalay Bay.

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IMG 7667If you’re looking for a hip, modern, sexy place to stay and play on the Las Vegas Strip, you can hardly do better than the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.

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IMG 8061Until recently, I didn’t know much about Treasure Island Hotel and Casino.  I knew of it’s pirate theme and decor, I knew it was the home to Cirque du Soleil’s Mystere, the first Cirque show in Vegas, and I knew it for the pirate battle fought out front every 90 minutes or so.  But I had never spent much time there, so that was about it.  

Now that I’ve actually stayed there, I can only ask myself one thing:  WHAT TOOK ME SO LONG?!?

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IMG 7206My stay at the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino was a very, very pleasant surprise.  

Located on the Vegas Strip between New York New York and CityCenter, I wasn’t sure what to expect from The Monte Carlo when I booked my trip.  I mistakenly thought it would be a slightly dusty relic of mid-90’s Las Vegas.  What I found was a beautiful resort, originally opened in 1996, and inspired by the grand casinos and hotels of Monaco, in the South of France.  According to one of their tag lines, they strive to provide “unpretentious luxury” and that’s exactly what I got.

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DSCF2534Once upon a time, in the far away kingdom of Las Vegas, there was an enchanted castle.  It rose majestically from the desert floor, looking every bit the fitting home for King Arthur and his Knights.  Amidst the blue, red and gold turrets, the wizard Merlin himself, gazed out of the central tower, surrounded by glittering lights and bolts of multi-colored neon, demonstrating his awesome power.  But that was long ago.  The castle still stands, but some of its grandeur has faded.

Don’t stop reading, though!  This fairy tale ends happily!

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IMG 6897Nicely positioned between City Center and Bellagio, you'll find a chic casino hotel called The Cosmopolitan.  With two large towers, nearly 3000 guest rooms, a 100,000 square foot casino, 12 restaurants, three pools, a giant chandelier bar, and more, the Cosmo is ultra-modern, super sleek, very hip, and a bit over the top.  You’d think this would seem like another Las Vegas mega-resort, but surprisingly, it has the comfortable feel of a boutique hotel.

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DSCF2815In the middle of the Vegas Strip, you’ll find a little touch of Venice. A rather large touch, actually. With it’s enormous Italianate plaza out front, featuring replicas of well-known Venice landmarks, like the Doge’s Palace, the Rialto Bridge, the Campanile Tower, and the Clock Tower, The Venetian all-suite hotel gives you a taste of classic European glamour combined with top-notch Las Vegas customer service.

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