After dinner in one of Chinatown's little hole-in-the-wall restaurants, my friend Rhiannon suggested a drink at a local bar, so we headed deeper into Chinatown, to 3939 Spring Mountain Road, the location of the fabulous Golden Tiki!  This ultra-hip, fun, colorful bar was an immersive experience echoing the tiki bar culture that flourished in the 1940’s, 50’s, and 60s’. 

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Las Vegas!  Party town!  A city where liquor flows freely all night...and day!  Bottle service, shots, yard-long frozen Margaritas - they’re all here, and certainly many visitors indulge.  But rather than tossing back shots, others prefer to sip beautifully crafted cocktails.  Luckily, Vegas is also home to renowned mixologists and some of the most highly skilled bartenders, so if you’d like to experience the Las Vegas cocktail culture, here are a few spots you might want to try:

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IMG 9781Are you on your way to the Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace, perhaps to see Elton, Celine or Shania?  Why not toast the start of a fabulous evening!  Did the show just end?  Why not continue the party?  Just steps away from the Colosseum is a chic new lounge where you can party like a rock star -before or after the show!  This is Fizz!

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IMG 5856I’m sitting at a flashy, yet elegant bar in the Cosmopolitan Casino Hotel.  The bar is cocooned by what seems like thousands of strands of Swarovski crystals, lit in a beautiful pinkish lavender hue.  I take a sip of my cocktail, garnished with flash frozen raspberries.  I bite down on one of the berries and smoke shoots out my nose!  My drink is called the Fire Breathing Dragon and the bar is The Chandelier.  

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IMG 6731As you go up the escalators from the casino at Mandalay Bay into the shopping area known as Mandalay Place (between Mandalay Bay and Luxor), you’ll see a what looks like a semi-transparent slab of ice set into the wall to your right.  The lighting from within is a chilly shade of blue, and you can see the silhouettes of customers inside.  This is the Minus 5 Ice Bar, an experience imported from New Zealand.  

Inside, nearly everything you’ll see is made of ice.  The walls, the seating, the bar itself - even the glasses from which you drink.  All ice.  The entire Ice Bar is kept at 23 degrees Fahrenheit - that’s minus 5 degrees Celsius, thus the name of the bar!

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IMG 6305I suppose I should start this piece by telling you I’m not into Vegas nightclubs or Ultra Lounges. I feel just a little too old to fit in with the moneyed, drunken, rowdy 20-somethings that tend to frequent the Vegas clubs. I also don’t care for the bottle service trend that has taken hold of most of the Vegas night spots - I simply don’t drink enough these days to merit the purchase of an entire bottle of booze, especially at a hugely jacked-up price. These days, I just want to sit, have a nice drink or two, pay my tab and leave.

Having said this, I was still awfully curious to see ghostbar, a well known and usually very crowded lounge on the 55th floor of the Palms Casino Hotel. I had heard all kinds of great things about it’s sleek decor, it’s dark, seductive atmosphere and the phenomenal outdoor deck, featuring a phenomenal view of Las Vegas. I was officially intrigued! After dinner one evening with my friend Gaylin, I asked her if she’d be interested in going. She said she was game and so off we went. Neither of us was sure what to expect, so it seemed like a little adventure.

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IMG 2175A lot of what I’ve been writing about on this site is all about classy entertainment of one sort or another. The Peppermill Fireside Lounge is not really classy, I suppose, but BOY, is it entertaining!

Imagine a singles bar/cocktail lounge that remains trapped in the 1970’s, complete with shag carpeting, chrome railings, mirrors everywhere, pink, red and blue neon, big, crazy drinks with little paper umbrellas, and a fantastically time warp-y circular fire pit at one end. That’s the Peppermill!

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