IMG 9781Are you on your way to the Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace, perhaps to see Elton, Celine or Shania?  Why not toast the start of a fabulous evening!  Did the show just end?  Why not continue the party?  Just steps away from the Colosseum is a chic new lounge where you can party like a rock star -before or after the show!  This is Fizz!

Created by David Furnish in collaboration with designer Todd Avery-Lenahan and Vegas nightlife innovators Michael Greco and Steven Kennedy,IMG 9783 Fizz is meant to be a little home-away-from-home for Furnish, who’s on the road constantly with his husband Elton John.  IMG 9785The club functions as a sort of extension of their own living room, so that ordinary folks like me can get a taste of how they entertain at home.  

IMG 9224Indeed, the space is warm and inviting, with curved banquettes covered in soft ivory-colored leather, cognac colored glass globes on the lighting fixtures, a playful cheetah-patterned bar front, and luxurious champagne-colored silk wall coverings.  The space itself is actually rather small by Vegas standards - about 2,750 square feet, but the high ceilings and second floor balcony open the space up vertically for a little breathing room.IMG 9787  

While the furniture and fixtures lend the club a very 1970’s glam feel, the artwork on the walls, taken from Elton and David’s own private collections, is both modern and timeless - works by Steven Meisel and David Bailey, fit perfectly alongside stunning pieces by South African artist Kudzanai Chiurai, outrageous photos by David LaChapelle, and portraits of important musical figures by Lee Friedlander.

IMG 9223First and foremost, however, this is a gorgeous champagne lounge and whether it be pre-show, post show or even no show, Fizz provides aIMG 9230 lovely ambience in which to relax, chat, and order a flute of your favorite bubbly, a scintillating cocktail or a quick bite!  Champagnes available by the glass include Domaine Chandon Brut, Pop Pommery Rosé, and, Taittinger Brut LaFrancaise, with dozens of other well known vintages - Krug Brut Reims, Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame, Dom 2000 or Cristal Rosé by the bottle.

IMG 9227The specialty cocktails, several of which are named for Elton’s songs, are delicious examples of the art of mixology.  I only tried a few, but trust me, I would’ve tried more!  The Amoreena, for instance - a mixture of La Diablada Pisco and Fragoli Wild Strawberry Liqueur, orIMG 9788 the dangerously yummy, wedding cake flavored Kiss The Bride, made with Three Olives Cake Vodka, Domaine Chandon Brut, Licor 43, lemon juice, half & half, vanilla syrup and egg whites.  Want to really splurge on a cocktail?!  Try the Fizz Deluxe, made with Grand Marnier Quintessence, Dom Pérignon Rosé, Hennessy cognac, rose syrup, egg whites and garnished with a rose petal dusted with real edible 24k gold flakes - it’ll only set you back $2,500!

IMG 9226The menu is comprised of snacks and nibbles, appropriate for the lounge setting.  Created by David and Elton’s personal chef Gauthier Bialek, it includes Siberian Ossetra Caviar with all the accompaniments, a Thai Lobster Summer Roll, a variety of gourmet Panini Bites, desserts like the Creme Fizz and the Dark Chocolate Mousse & Meringue Crunch, and even dessert cocktails like the Hercules (a Peanut Butter and Jelly Cocktail) and the tropical, coco-nutty Jamaica Jerk Off, a few too many of which could lead to your date dancing on your head!  

A couple of minor quibbles about Fizz: First, the barstools.  While very elegant, constructed of gleaming chrome, and covered in what lookedIMG 9786 like some unfinished animal hide, the semi-circular seats are not made for people with larger frames like myself - I had to do what I used to call “the one-bun perch” in order to sit and sip my drink comfortably.  Secondly, I wouldn’t mind if the service were a little quicker.  The staff were very cute and friendly - quick to offer up drink suggestions or show you how the iPad menu works, but when it came to taking my order or serving my cocktail, their attentions seemed to be focused elsewhere; many of them chatting amongst themselves - and the place was practically empty.

IMG 9238At any rate, I still enjoyed my experience at Fizz very much and plan to return in the future.  There are aspects of the club I have yet toIMG 9782 enjoy - the balcony can be reserved especially for a bit of privacy, and they occasionally have a DJ spinning tunes for the crowd.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll even run into the owner’s husband some night!  That, in itself, would make my night more sparkling than ANY champagne!