As most travelers are aware, Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world.  Just about anything you’d want to see onstage, can be found in Las Vegas.  From headline musical and comedy artists, Broadway transplants like Rock of Ages and Jersey Boys, big-budget Cirque du Soleil spectaculars, and more intimate shows like Menopause: The Musical, there’s something for just about everyone.

But what about us?!  Are there shows that appeal to our crowd?  Well, although the shows that play on the Vegas Strip are not aimed at the LGBTQ crowd specifically, there are some that come close.  So grab your honey, your spouse, or your best gay friend, and check out some of these gay friendly acts...

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BREAKING NEWS!!!   It’s 1958, and disastrous nuclear tests have created an ever-growing population of zombies in America!  Thankfully, a Zombie Peace Accord has been reached, and as long as we keep feeding them (BRAINS!!), they will behave and entertain the living at swanky nightclubs.  We now go live, to Club Z, for an exclusive report on the coolest and creepiest of these “dead-stravaganzas” - Zombie Burlesque!

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Over the last several years, attempts have been made to bring Broadway to Vegas; some successful, like Phantom, Jersey Boys and Mamma Mia,  while others, like Hairspray, Avenue Q, The Producers, and Spamalot were relative failures.  Drastic cutting of original Broadway scores and books, allowing shows to fit a requested 90 minute running time may be a factor, as may be the popularity of Cirque du Soleil, and Blue Man Group, which don’t rely on spoken language, appealing to the city’s many non-English-speaking visitors.

Now there’s (fanfare!) Steve Wynn’s Showstoppers, a slick, shiny new revue featuring some of the best known songs from such classic Broadway shows as Gypsy, Guys and Dolls, Cabaret, Damn Yankees, Chicago, and A Chorus Line!  At a tidy 80 minutes and with plenty of spectacle, and only a few interstitial narrative bits, this is a show capable of pleasing most any audience!

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IMG 9555Giant eyeballs float over the audience and check everyone out before the show.  Scrolling LED boards on each side of the stage give the audience instructions.  PVC tubes are still used to make music.  Paint is still spattered.  The finale is an explosion of audience participation, filled with toilet paper, smoke rings and huge, glowing balls!  And your hosts are still the silent, stoic, silly, and inventive Blue Men.

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IMG 8038Before launching into this piece, I suppose I should come clean about something.  I’m not really a Celine Dion fan.  Having said that, her new show at the Colosseum is a must-see!  I may not be a fan, but this show just about blew me away!

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IMG 8482You’re sitting in a lavish, beautiful theatre.  The show begins.  The curtain flies away, as if by magic.  A stage is revealed, much of which is actually a large pool.  All of a sudden, pairs of women’s legs poke out of the water, as a lively water ballet is performed by a team of synchronized swimmers.  In the quiet that follows their dance, the backdrop splits apart and you see that the stage extends back, seemingly forever.  High above the water, from out of a cloud, come four large carousel horses, each with a rider.  They circle through the air, coming closer, descending.  Once in the water, they circle once more and float away into the wings.

This is “O” by Cirque du Soleil!

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IMG 6811As a constant visitor to Las Vegas, I’ve made friends with many of the locals, most of whom work in the hotels, casinos or restaurants. As Vegas residents and hotel employees, they often get free tickets to some of the shows on the Strip. When Criss Angel’s show Believe first opened at the Luxor, I was intrigued. I had seen many of Criss Angel’s illusions on TV, not only in his show Mindfreak, but in the infomercials for his DVD’s and magic sets. I thought “How can you go wrong? Cool magic paired up with Cirque du Soleil? Great!” But when I began to ask my Vegas friends about his show, the reaction was negative, right across the board. I was told there was not enough magic and too much Cirque. I was told the show itself was just lame. I was basically told to avoid the show at all costs.

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IMG 6104Full disclosure: I LOVE ELTON JOHN!!! Elton is my hero! I grew up with his music, he’s had a profound influence on my life and I’m in complete awe of his achievements, both musical and philanthropic. I own pieces of his clothing and a pair of his 1970‘s platform shoes! He could sit onstage at the Colosseum and read the phone book, and I’d still be a happy guy! If you’re an Elton John fan, if you’ve ever bought an Elton John album, even if you’re only just remotely familiar with the name Elton John, GO SEE THIS SHOW!

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Bolero-sisI’ve seen Zumanity seven times! Seven! And I’d be happy to go back again and again! This is definitely one of my favorite long-running shows on the Strip.

In describing this show to friends or strangers, especially those looking for the kind of show you can’t find anywhere but in Las Vegas, I’ve said that Zumanity is Cirque du Soleil for adults only; it’s sexy, a bit scandalous, funny, and eye-popping, though never vulgar or offensive. It also has something for everyone...providing the “everyone” in question are over 18 years old! As they say in the show “Welcome to the world of Zumanity!”

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I’ve seen Ka five times. I’d see it again. Ka is pure adventure, filtered through the creative minds behind Cirque du Soleil. While most Cirque shows are simply a collection of acts strung together by a basic concept, Ka has an actual storyline to follow. The title of the show comes from the ancient Egyptian concept of duality, or having a spiritual double. The show, therefore, centers around a set of imperial twins, who are separated by tribal rivalry and must fight their way back to each other, while also undergoing a journey of self-discovery. Throughout the show, they encounter Ka, the fire that can either destroy or illuminate.

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