Bolero-sisI’ve seen Zumanity seven times! Seven! And I’d be happy to go back again and again! This is definitely one of my favorite long-running shows on the Strip.

In describing this show to friends or strangers, especially those looking for the kind of show you can’t find anywhere but in Las Vegas, I’ve said that Zumanity is Cirque du Soleil for adults only; it’s sexy, a bit scandalous, funny, and eye-popping, though never vulgar or offensive. It also has something for everyone...providing the “everyone” in question are over 18 years old! As they say in the show “Welcome to the world of Zumanity!”

IMG 8492The Zumanity experience begins the moment you enter the theater. The foyer is all done in tones of red, with soft pink accents. The lighting is soft and romantic and feels to me like an idealized vision of the world’s classiest bordello. When you enter the auditorium, not only will you find the typical theater seats, but as you get closer to the stage, there are overstuffed love seats and sofas. The house lighting is also soft and uses lots of red gelling to accentuate the deep, sexy red color scheme. I’ve always felt that the auditorium has a very womb-like feel to it.

The stage is a combination of a standard proscenium and a thrust that extends into the house, shaped like an enormous uvula. Above the proscenium arch is a beautiful, curved bridge, where most of the show’s musicians play. Upstage, is a baby grand piano, upon which is a candelabra. As you wait for the show to begin, various Cirque players begin to filter onto the stage and into the auditorium. There is a brash young man who flirts with some of the women in theIMG 8495 audience, handing out colorful dildos and taking pictures down the front of his pants. There are also the Botero Sisters, two beautiful, full-figured women, named after Fernando Botero, the Colombian artist best known for his paintings and sculptures of large people. The Botero Sisters walk through the audience dressed as sexy French maids, wearing exaggerated deep red beehive wigs and carrying trays of strawberries as treats for the audience. 

IMG 8497Eventually, the Mistress of Ceremonies, usually portrayed by a fabulous gender illusionist, and two sexy female singers begin to roam the stage and a pianist begins to softly play the baby grand. They officially welcome you and prepare you for the spectacle that is Zumanity! Once that happens, strap yourself in and get ready for a wild ride!

 The show’s opening number is a jaw-dropper, and it introduces you to most of the acts which will be performing that night. The music is energetic, punctuated with blasts of brass and accompanied by flashes of bright light which illuminate the entire theater. The effect, to me, is breathtaking!IMG 8491

 IMG 8488The individual acts have been different each time I’ve seen the show. I’ve seen beautiful contortionists swimming in a giant glass bowl, a hot young girl who does a hula-hoop act, not only onstage, but flying above it, a hunky Cuban guy who does a sexy striptease for the ladies (and a few men, as well) in the audience, and a comedic cheerleading act where the cheerleaders use their pom-poms to cover their naughty bits. Of course, one of the pom-poms is “accidentally” lost, which results in more exposure than they really want.

IMG 8496One of the set pieces which has been a constant in every performance I’ve seen, involves a bunch of burly men watching a football game on TV,IMG 8499 while a hot young woman dances provocatively for them. They basically ignore her, unless she blocks their view of the game, which they then protest loudly. Another constant has been the man-on-man “Apache dance”, where two gorgeous young men “fight” with each other, and the fight becomes a sensual dance. My favorite experience with this act was when I sat next to a group of four or five clearly heterosexual young men who squirmed uncomfortably in their seats at the conclusion of this particular act. I know this is evil of me, but it was wonderful to watch them cringing!

IMG 8489Strangely, one of the acts I’ve seen several times actually makes me a little uncomfortable. A sexy, “naked” redhead wraps herself in black nylon straps and gets hoisted into the air, while emitting moans of pleasure. It’s very S & M themed and very dark. You’ll also see a male contortionist in his underwear, a sensual dance involving a hot man and woman in a bathtub with a pitcher of milk, and the Botero Sisters juggling dildos!IMG 8498

 The entire show, which features costumes by the remarkable Thierry Mugler, is a feast for the eyes. There is always something interesting to watch, even if you’re not particularly into any given act. As a matter of fact, I have a tip for you: Sit in the balcony! As I stated earlier, I’ve seen Zumanity seven times and each time, I’ve sat in the balcony. What I’ve found is that quite often, there are little details to the show - a dancer lit up in an LED skirt, twirling in the dark upstage, while the main act is being performed up front, or perhaps the singers, roaming the spiral staircases at the sides of the proscenium - that you might miss if you were sitting closer. Also, the balcony seats are cheaper. So to my mind, you pay less and see more! If Orchestra seats are your thing or if you want to share one of the love seats with your loved one, then by all means, treat yourself. But for a great overall view of Zumanity, grab a balcony seat!

IMG 8494The show ends with a sexual carousel, with all of the astounding performers on a revolving stage, intertwined with each other and a couple of lucky audience members. The Mistress of Ceremonies asks if you’re feeling sexy and sends you back out into the real world, in hopes that the show has warmed you up and maybe taught you a little something, so that you’ll have some spicy fun with your own loved one.

 Whether or not you’ve fallen under Zumanity’s sensual spell, you’ll definitely go home reveling in the brilliance of Cirque du Soleil! I personally look forward to viewing number eight!