IMG 6291Of all the spas in all of the Las Vegas hotels, Qua, in Caesar’s Palace is definitely one of my favorites. I feel it’s definitely one of the best in Vegas. I think Qua has set the bar very high for what the public should expect of a day spa in Las Vegas.

Located in the Augustus Tower, across from restaurant Guy Savoy and just past the wedding chapels, the Qua experience begins at the front desk. The friendly staff will sell you a day pass - $50 for hotel guests, $75 for non-hotel guests (Mon-Thur), and $100 for non-guests on Fridays and Saturdays - which are a bit pricey, but allow you to come and go all day long if you wish.  If instead, you choose any of their treatments, the use of the entire spa is included in the price of the treatment. The name Qua brings to mind the word “aqua”, which is only appropriate as you’ll find many water features throughout the entry to the spa itself.

IMG 6852The spa itself is huge - 50,000 square feet of space, including 51 treatment rooms, 3 of which are couples studios, should you want to share the spa experience with a loved one. There are also wet rooms with vichy showers and a Swarovski crystal body art room. The majority of the spa is done in a light, sandy-colored marble. The decor also features soft, relaxing lighting and dark wood accents everywhere. When you’re inside the Qua spa, you truly feel like the ouside world has disappeared.

IMG 6863Once you enter the men’s or women’s spa area, which I understand are basically mirror images of each other, you’ll first find a large room that feature the Roman Tubs. These are three large jacuzzi-style tubs; one at body temperature (about 98 degrees), one hot tub (about 108 degrees) and one cold plunge (about 70 degrees). The stone wall behind the tubs doubles as a decorative waterfall. There is also a circular rain shower between the three tubs. On each side of the tubs you’ll find curved stone benches,IMG 6871 warmed from the inside, perfect for relaxing sore muscles after a nice soak in the tubs. The sound of the bubbling of the tubs and the running water from the rain shower just add to the relaxing feeling you’ll get there. Bottles of water, towels and fresh fruit are available, as are several chaise lounges on which to nap.

As you go deeper into the spa, there is a long hallway leading to the attendant’s station. Along the way, men will find the barber’s salon, where they can get a haircut, shave, and manicure or pedicure. Once you reach the attendants, they will check you in, show you to your locker and provide you with a robe and sandals. The lockers are digital, eliminating the need for a key. To one side of the attendant’s station you’ll find a relaxation lounge, where you can watch a flat-screen TV, sip water or fruit juice, or snack on fresh fruit. There is also a tea station, complete with a “tea sommelier” who will prepare a custom blend of teas for you. The lounge is also your waiting area if you have booked a treatment like a massage or facial.IMG 6876

IMG 6878Just beyond the lounge is the shower area, which features relaxing, multi-directional showers - you can have the water falling from above, from either of various shower heads embedded in the walls or all of them at once. You’ll also find a large grooming area, with shaving and hair care products, as well as combs and brushes, kept clean with ultra-violet light.

Towards the back of the main spa area, you’ll finally find a large hot tub, different from the Roman Tubs in that it’s chlorinated. You’ll also find their large dry sauna, smaller wet sauna, which the attendants will tell you is perfect for shaving, as the low steamy heat helps soften your whiskers, and the large steam room. I personally feel that the men’s steam room at Qua is far too hot - I’ve often said that you go from 0 to “lobster” in 60IMG 6860 seconds. But if you do find it too hot, you can cool down in their signature “Arctic Ice Room”; a sort of walk in refrigerator kept at a brisk 55 degrees. The Ice Room also has a tube which dispenses ice chips and features a snow machine, which sprays “snow” made from tiny bits of soap suds. Unfortunately, the last several times I went to Qua, the snow machine was in poor repair, and rather than cute, tiny snow flakes, there were large, unattractive globs! Still, not much to complain about.

One of the other features at Qua, which I’ve never seen anywhere else is the unisex “Laconium”, a semi-circular stone room in which men and women wait for a few relaxing moments on their way to their own individual treatments. The entire room is heated from within and feels a bit like a stone patio on a warm Summer day. Truly blissful!

The attendants on the men’s side have always been extremely helpful and friendly; ready to grab you a bottle of water, can of fruit juice or extra towel, should you need it. For a time, I was going there so often, they knew my name and I knew most of theirs. If the attendants on the women’s side are half as helpful, the women are in for an equally amazing time. Clearly, the majority of the staff is totally focused on customer service.

IMG 6882I’ve only ever had one treatment at Qua; a body waxing. I had my back waxed. It was skillfully and professionally done and other than a misunderstanding with the aesthetician, I have nothing to complain about. I’ve heard other male customers raving about the massages and other services, so if you’re there for a treatment, I believe you’ll get one that’s first rate.IMG 6866

 Although the day pass is a bit pricier than other spas, I feel that it’s definitely worth the expense if you simply want to use the spa for the day. Go to Qua and forget about the outside world for a while.