IMG 6288When compared to some of the other spas on the Strip, The Grand Spa at MGM Grand is actually rather small.  Don’t let that fool you, however.  The Grand Spa is actually a peaceful spot in which to relax, take a steam, or even grab a snooze while waiting for an excellent treatment.

At the far end of the shopping area called The District, you’ll find the MGM pool complex, the fitness center, the Christophe Salon and the entrance to the Grand Spa.  The rippling wall of water behind the front desk is eye catching and immediately soothing.  There, you can book any of the treatments you might want - from massages to body treatments to facials and more.  If you’re a guest of the MGM Grand, you can also purchase a day pass to simply use the spa facilities.  I’ve almost always found the staff to be cordial and helpful.

Once you’ve made your choice, you’ll make your way past the desk and down an inclined hallway lit from above by a large skylight.  This hallway is decorated with a temple-like structure made of polished wooden beams and flanked with large potted plants - the effect is IMG 6283a little like visiting a zen retreat somewhere far from the buzzers and bells of the casino slot machines.  At the end of the hallway are the entrances to the salon and the fitness center.  Go down a flight of stairs and you’ll reach the entrances to the men’s and women’s spas.

Now here, I’m assuming that the men’s and women’s spas are essentially mirror images of each other, although there may be slight differences.

As you enter the men’s spa, there is a small reception desk to the right, where the attendant will take your day pass or appointment slip and provide you with a locker key, sandals, and bottled water of fruit juice.  Turning the corner, there is a long hallway with severalIMG 5990 locker areas to the left and a grooming area, rest room, and showers to the right.  In each locker, you’ll find a fresh robe to wear while in the spa.  Once past the lockers, the space opens up into a larger “wet area”, where you’ll find the sauna, steam room and, in the case of the men’s spa, a good-sized L-shaped hot tub.  At one end of the tub there are a couple of wooden deck chairs in which to relax.
You’ll also find plenty of fresh towels, a large bowl filled with iced washcloths and another containing bottles of water on ice.  The tiled walls in the wet area are done in muted ambers, grays and pale greens and the indirect lighting is enhanced by the glow coming from inside the hot tub, which is always kept at a decent temperature - hot, but not uncomfortably so.  The sauna is brightly lit and has a clear glass door, so there’s really no room for modesty there.  The steam IMG 6285room is larger than the sauna and when it’s going full blast can get a little too hot, but not unbearable.

If you make a sharp left turn before entering the wet area, you’ll find yourself in the lounge, where you can relax in plush easy chairs, read newspapers and magazines, or watch the flat screen TV, while waiting for your treatments.  There are also bowls of fresh fruit, cereal bars, and a large glass container filled with drinking water.  The water changes regularly and is usually spiked with lemons, oranges or sometimes a combination of cucumber and mint - very refreshing!  The lounge is bisected by a frosted glass wall behind which you’ll find four extremely soft and comfy chaise lounges.  This is a perfect place to catch a little nap, if you want, or simply tune out and wait for your therapist to come and fetch you.  The lighting in the lounge is very dim and comforting and I’ve often found myself snoring away contentedly, forgetting the fact that there’s a bustling casino practically over my head!IMG 5985

To the left of the lounge entrance, there is a door which leads to the treatment area.  Here you’ll find a long hallway flanked with doors on either side.  Treatments at the Grand Spa at the MGM Grand range from a variety of different massages - Classic Swedish, Aromatherapy, Couples Massage, Immuno-Boost and more.  There are Ayurvedic Therapies, Exfoliating Vichy Showers (for women only), and Body Treatments like the Detoxifying Marine Gel Wrap, the Algae Mud Treatment, or the Mother Of Pearl Body Treatment, among others.  Of course there are facials, as well - the Classic European Facial, the Hydrating Vitamin C Facial, the Chocolate Raspberry Anti-Aging Facial and more...including an Express Facial, which only takes 25 minutes, if you want some quick, simple results.  There are a number of Clinical Exfoliation add-ons to choose from, and also Body Waxing.  One of their Signature Therapies I’m looking forward to trying is the 120 minute Dreaming Ritual, a multi-part treatment that sounds amazing!  
As for me, I’ve experienced the Men’s Fitness Facial and the Instant Tightening Facial, both of which I found to be excellent and very soothing.  Best of all, however was the combination of a Deep Tissue Massage followed by the Soothe The Sole foot massage.  My therapist was very zen-like and focused, talking me through every step of the first massage.  He frequently checked with me to be sure the pressure was to my liking, and kept me very much at ease.  He explained to me about my adhesions, or “old knots” that had indeed been with me for quite some time, then he proceeded to concentrate on them, using not just his hands and fingers, but also his forearms and elbows.  By the time he was done, he had practically eliminated them.  The foot massage was pure bliss, involving peppermint foot cream and hot towels wrapped around each foot.  He told me he was feeling a lot of crystallization in my arches, and concentrated his pressure there.  The immediate effect was, of course, very relaxing.  The long term effect was, however, more interesting.  Starting around midnight, my body began to release a lot of built-up toxins.  I was in and out of the bathroom until about 3 am!  I’ve not had such an extreme reaction from a massage before, but it was a clear indication to me that my therapist really knew the art of massage and the detoxifying effects it can have.  An excellent experience!

 Whether you want to pamper yourself with their terrific treatments, or simply relax by using the spa facilities, I feel that The Grand Spa at the MGM Grand is a very good choice.  Give it a try.  I think you’ll like it too!