IMG 6678The Royal Treatment Spa at the Excalibur Casino Hotel, has a reputation as a hidden gem.  It is definitely a bit hidden, but once I found it, they provided a very nice experience...and at excellent prices, no less!

Yes - finding the spa can be a little tricky.  From Excalibur’s main entrance, you have to turn right, towards Tower Two of the hotel, go past Dick’s Last Chance, past the Baja Fresh Mexican Grill, and even past the banks of elevators, almost all the way out to the parking lot.  Just as you’re about to hit the exit, you’ll see a set of glass doors to your left, leading to the pool, fitness center and spa.  There ya go!

I suppose I should mention that my first attempt at using this spa wasn’t terribly successful.  My friend Danny and I went looking for affordable treatments and a quiet place to relax.  Unfortunately, the attendant on duty that day, didn’t really seem to know much about the spa’s services - when I asked if the facials included extractions, he had no idea what I meant.  He really didn’t seem to care whether we booked a treatment, or even whether we stayed or left.

When I returned the following month, I had a much more positive experience.  The attendant who helped me was helpful and engaged.  He offered me a number of options when it came to treatments, and even told me about their mid-week pricing and about several packages that were available only to guests of the Excalibur.  After making my choice (A great deal - a 50 minute Swedish massage and a 50 minute facial for $179 complete!), I made my way into the men’s spa itself.

IMG 6655The men’s spa is relatively small, consisting of a locker room and grooming area, the bathroom, and a set of five showers, each with a different “theme” - Citrus Breeze, Lavender, Green Tea and such, referring to the scent of the bath products available in each shower stall.  Through a frosted glass door, is the wet area, featuring a hot tub, sauna and steam room, each much larger than I would’ve anticipated for such a small spa.  I didn’t venture into the sauna, but the hot tub and steam room were each set to a pleasant temperature.  Hot, but not uncomfortably so.
The locker room, grooming area, showers and wet area are done in a simple, but cheerful yellow and white tile decor.  The grooming area isIMG 6654 fairly well stocked with various bath and shaving products and the entire facility seemed impeccably clean.

IMG 6659Finally, around a corner, there is a small, rather utilitarian waiting room in which to relax or wait for treatments.  It’s not terribly fancy, with just a few comfortable chairs, a flat screen TV, a coffee table, some fresh fruit and a selection of newspapers and magazines, but it serves it’s purpose.

I visited the Excalibur spa twice during my trip - once to simply check it out and unwind a bit, and a second time to experience some of their treatments.  As I mentioned earlier, I had chosen the Swedish Massage/Self-Renewal Facial package, so after a few moments relaxing in the steam and hot tub, I settled myself in the lounge to wait for the first treatment.  It hadn’t occurred to me to ask for a male therapist, so I was a bit surprised when a very nice young lady came in and told me she’d be doing the massage.  She took me into one of the private rooms and I got on the table.  The masseuse used proper draping, folding the sheets back so as never to expose more than was necessary.  She gave me a very relaxing Swedish-style massage, which employs long, smooth strokes and gentle kneading.  Truth be told, I prefer deep tissue massage, to work out all of the old knots I seem to have, but I found her technique to be excellent.  We chatted easily throughout the treatment, but I eventually zoned out a bit, almost falling asleep at one point.  Although it wasn’t my usual massage of choice, I definitely cannot complain.  With the massage over, I put on my robe and was escorted back to the men’s lounge to wait for my facial.

In just a few moments, the aesthetician came in and introduced herself.  She told me she’d be in charge of my facial.  Oddly, she escorted me, not through the treatment area, as had been the case with the massage, but through the women’s lounge, which I found a bit awkward.  Luckily, the few ladies who were waiting there were in their robes, but I couldn’t help but think they must’ve been surprised to have a man walk through their lounge.  Hopefully they had been forewarned.

At any rate, once in the therapy room, I settled into the chair and pulled the sheets up over myself, while the facialist prepped her equipment.IMG 6656
My facial was very basic, but very good, starting with a close examination of my skin.  There was a machine which provided gentle steam to open the pores, an exfoliating gel to softly scrub my face, some minor extractions - the therapist uses a small instrument to squeeze out and remove blackheads or whiteheads.  I told my therapist about my recurring problem with something called milia - tiny keratin-filled bumps, the removal of which often necessitate the use of a needle or lancet.  She found a few, and was able to extract them easily and painlessly.  Eventually, a soothing gel mask was brushed onto my face and neck.  Once the mask was removed, a gentle astringent was applied.  Throughout the process, every step was explained and I was extremely relaxed and comfortable.  Once the facial was complete, my skin felt refreshed, clean and maybe even a little tighter.

IMG 6680We left the same way we had come in - through the women’s lounge, and even the therapist mentioned how awkward this was.  Apparently, there’s no other way to access the facial rooms from the men’s side.  I guess when Excalibur was built, they didn’t foresee the boom in the men’s skincare industry and realize that men are equally concerned with facial care.  From the lack of male massage therapists, to the fact that the men’s spa was all but deserted on both my visits, I did get the impression that this particular spa is geared more towards women in general.  No matter.   I found my experience in the Excalibur Spa to be pleasant and a real bargain, to boot!

So whether you’re a man or woman, if you’re looking for good spa treatments at reasonable prices, or just a nice, quiet space to help you escape the Vegas noise and craziness, I’d definitely recommend Excalibur’s Royal Treatment Spa.