IMG 5813While I generally prefer some of the larger spas on the Las Vegas Strip, I definitely have a soft spot in my heart for The Spa at the Mirage.  Yes, it’s smaller than some of the others, but it’s always quiet, relaxing and usually, blissfully uncrowded!   

At first glance, you’d hardly even know this was a spa.  Located toward the front of the shopping area of the Mirage, there’s a multi-purpose storefront that encompasses a shop with a large selection of bath and body products, as well as the entrances to the Fitness Center, the Kim Vo Salon and the spa itself.

IMG 5464I’ve been to the Mirage Spa quite a number of times, and always had a wonderful experience.  The cute, friendly young women at the front desk will assist you, whether you’re booking a treatment, a spa package, or simply getting a day pass.  The 20,000 square foot spa has a bright, minimalist decor - mostly black and white, with some almost Asian touches, like white birch “trees” in a small waiting area, soft, glowing globe-like lamps, and a black granite wall with three fountains trickling into a bed of black stones.

On the men’s side of the spa, there is a combination locker room/lounge.  On one side, black lacquered lockers with digital locks, soft greyIMG 5447 carpeting and comfy black leather benches.  On the other side, modern black and grey chairs, shiny black and chrome tables and a flat screen TV to watch while waiting for treatments.  Coffee, water, fruit and fruit juices are available, as well.  Beyond that, a short hallway leads to a IMG 5445bright, well-stocked grooming area to the left and a shower room to the right - the showers feature blue frosted glass doors and walls, clever mats which resemble river stones, and best of all, Aveda bath products.  Large, fresh, clean towels can also be found throughout the spa.

IMG 5439Heading back toward the lounge, another hallway takes you to the wet area.  In here, there is another flat screen TV, a sideboard with a container of ice water, 5 wicker chaise lounges with comfy cushions and footrests,  and one large hot tub, set comfortably at about 102 or 103 degrees.  
To the right, are the entrances to the steam room and sauna.  The lighting in the steam room is a deep blue, set very low and the steam itself is never too hot.  It’s extraordinarily relaxing.  The sauna is also set to a decent heat, and the light is soft and diffuse, most of it coming through the frosted glass door.  At a white marble table in the corner, there are bottles of water, icedIMG 5444 washcloths, and cucumber slices for your eyes.  There have been times when I’ve come here, with nothing to do but relax, and taken a long snooze in one of the chaises, lulled to sleep by the sound of the hot tub bubbling away.

From what I know, there are subtle differences in the women’s spa.  While the men’s lounge features sleek, modern furniture, apparently the women’s lounge is a bit more rustic.  Also, instead of a simple grooming area, the women’s spa has a vanity area reminiscent of a make-up studio.  Additionally, I’ve heard that each of the the showers in the women’s spa has a glass stool, not simply for comfort, but to make leg shaving a bit more comfortable.  Finally, while the men’s wet area only has one hot tub, the women’s side has two jacuzzis and two cold plunges.

IMG 5456On this particular trip, my pal Danny and I opted for treatment packages - Danny had a full-body, deep tissue massage and the 50 minute, Deep Cleansing Facial.  I chose the Foot Therapy massage and the same facial.  When we were booking the packages, I got a sense that the Mirage spa is a little more geared toward women than men.  Finding an available male massage therapist was difficult.  There was only one on staff and obviously, he couldn’t be in two places at once.  We figured out the timing so that we’d each be able to have our respective massages that day, and went into the spa to begin pampering ourselves.  

Danny had his facial first, while the masseur, Michael, worked on my tired feet.  He used perfect pressure for me and explained what he was doing each step of the way.  We chatted quietly, but easily and got along well.   
Michael checked with me several times to make sure he wasn’t using too much pressure on my feet.  He was also very mindful of the time, as he wanted to be sure I didn’t have to sprint from one treatment right to the other, and thus ruin my nice, relaxed state.IMG 5442  

After my foot massage, I headed back into the lounge and briefly crossed paths with Danny.  We made plans to meet up outside the spa once I was finished with my facial.

One of the male spa attendants took me out of the men’s spa and into the area reserved for facials, skin care, and body treatments.  I met my aesthetician - a lovely, perky woman who told me that she had just finished working on Danny.  Apparently, he had been so relaxed, he fell asleep in her chair.  I got out of my robe, sat in the chair and covered myself with the sheets provided.  I leaned back, relaxed, and put myself in her capable hands.  She examined my face with a high-powered magnifying glass with a built in light.  She put some soothing pads on my eyes and went to work.  A machine blew a gentle mist of steam onto my face to open my pores - which were in very good shape, by the way, according to her.  We discussed my regular, daily skin regimen and she brushed on an exfoliating lotion.  That was removed and skin toning tonic was applied.  She also used a nourishing gel mask, brushed onto my neck and face very gently.  Lastly, a hydrating mist was sprayed onto my face and I left feeling very refreshed.  

IMG 5449After checking to make sure that a 20% gratuity had already been included for each therapist, I changed back into my street clothes and headed out to meet Danny, who did have one complaint - he felt that Michael had used too much pressure when giving him his deep tissue massage.  I happen to like very deep pressure when getting a massage, and I had no real complaints, so I’ll definitely return to try Michael’s handiwork for myself.

So whether you choose to simply relax in the spa or have any of their treatments, I think you might just find a little bit of bliss at The Spa at Mirage.